Instagram Vs Reality

In the perfect world of instagram everything angle has great lighting, every face has a big veneered smile, and every setting is #goals. I can honestly say I have a love hate relationship with social media. There is this pressure to post even when life isn't that exciting and although we may have many followers there is no real connection. I have had a hard time adjusting to branding my business because of it. See, I am extremely personable but only in person. I have always loved this industry because of the connection it creates in transforming someones look. For me, its hard to do that online and it is because everything seems too "perfect". There is no way everyones life is as perfect as their IG portrays but not many are willing to share and post the ugly truth. The truth is we all are struggling in some way, shape, or form. We all have good and bad days and we all want everyone to think we are just fine and living our best lives. #Goals. I wish that it was more "likes" for those people that don't have perfect content and A1 angles because in imperfection there is connection. There is relatability in real people.

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